Marketing material

SUNNY® represents the best quality Osteospermum. We put a great deal of emphasis on quality in our marketing, too. For this reason, our material is available to our business partners to make it easier and less costly for you as a SUNNY® Osteospermum distributor to market the product to your customers.

It is important for you, as a SUNNY® distributor, to support the process to ensure the SUNNY® name receives the necessary profiling and respect in the marketplace, which ultimately leads to additional sales.

You can download different versions of the new SUNNY® logo here together with guidelines for use of the logo.

You also have access to an image bank where you can download photographs of the different varieties and inspirational photos.

QR code and mobile site

All SUNNY® plants come with a QR code. When your customers scan the code with a smartphone, they are taken to the SUNNY® website with relevant information about Osteospermum, including care instructions, inspiration for mixed plantings and styling in pots. If the customer does not already have a QR application for scanning the code, this can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

The QR code makes it easier – and, of course, less expensive – for your company to deliver quality product information in future. Instead of only having the very brief care guide on a label or sticker, the customer can now access a wide range of information and creative input via the mobile site.

The QR code completely replaces the product information on the label. You are welcome to print the QR code on the pot or on a label/sticker. All QR codes can be downloaded from this page for use in print, advertising, etc.

New design and logo

SUNNY® is still producing the same quality products, but they are now being marketed with a new, revamped design. The design will be updated to, and presented via, this season’s marketing products. A design manual containing guidelines for using the logo as well as general design guidelines can be downloaded here.

Product catalogue

You can request our product catalogue with English text. SUNNY® presents the current range here. You can also download the catalogue as a PDF file here.

Download the “SUNNY® logo pack”

Four-colour and black-and-white working drawings as positive and negative versions in EPS format.

Download the 2017/2018 product catalogue

A PDF of the 2017/2018 SUNNY® product catalogue.

Classic osteospermum product photos in pots

Click here to download product photos of 35 Classic Osteospermum varieties.

Classic osteospermum inspirational photos

Click here to download inspirational photos of Classic Osteospermum.

Pixie, Sunbrella’s og ArtDeco Osteospermum

Download 7 Pixie photos here.
Download 6 Sunbrella’s photos here.
You can download 5 ArtDeco photos here.