About SUNNY®

SUNNY®’s objective in breeding Osteospermum has been clearly defined ever since the first hybridisation: To create a range of production-friendly, stable varieties that, with expert care and guidance, will grow into high-quality plants for production and sales.

The two ambitious hothouse gardeners behind the company are Niels Larsen and Bjarne Nyholm Larsen. Ever since SUNNY® was established in the 1980s, the company has been a market leader for forward-looking, active breeding of thoroughly-examined, well-tried-and-tested and production-friendly varieties of Osteospermum.

Niels is responsible for developing the company’s business areas and production. Bjarne is responsible for the company’s product development, including breeding, marketing and market development. Together, we have built SUNNY® from a small, local plant breeder to a global breeder today.

Today, Osteospermum is no longer a small niche culture. New and improved varieties in a myriad of beautiful and fashionable colours have positioned Osteospermum as one of the most widely used mass-produced bedding plants. For three decades, we have worked intently to develop, breed, register plant breeder’s rights and virus-test new varieties. Our work has resulted in more than 50 new varieties of Osteospermum, which are marketed all over the world. In other words, the SUNNY® brand represents the widest array of registered Osteospermum varieties in the world.

Our ambition is to market 3–6 new varieties each year that conform to our basic desire to create high-quality new varieties.

SUNNY® watches the latest interior design and furnishing trends very closely. And each year we incorporate this quest for new colours and perhaps some new plant shapes into our overarching strategies.