The SUNNY® story

SUNNY® is one of the biggest success stories in horticultural breeding work in Denmark. The two ambitious hothouse gardeners behind the company are Niels Larsen and Bjarne Nyholm Larsen. They have a shared passion for the painstaking process of breeding plants to obtain exciting new varieties with new colours, stronger growth and longer flowering periods.

For three decades, we have worked intently to develop, breed, patent and virus-test new varieties. When we began our plant breeding work in 1985 by hybridising just a few plants each year, the challenge was to hold onto the vision driving SUNNY® despite the costs of the development work far outstripping revenues. Today, our work has borne fruit beyond our wildest dreams. As global plant breeders, we perform hundreds of hybridisations each year, and our work has resulted in 50 new varieties of Osteospermum, marketed all over the world. Today, the SUNNY® brand represents the widest array of registered Osteospermum varieties in the world.

Osteospermum is a firm favourite of gardening enthusiasts in Europe, Asia and the US. Apart from the fact that the flower is available in a myriad of attractive colours, making it easy to incorporate, it is one of the hardiest bedding plants ever. It requires minimal care and flowers sumptuously for a long period from May right through until the first frosts.

Our ambition is to market 3 – 6 new varieties each year that conform to our basic desire to create high-quality new varieties.