Planting Osteospermum (Spanish Marguerite) in tubs

For superb results, plant Osteospermum with approximately 5 cm clearance of soil on each side. Planting them closer together can inhibit growth and flowering. Spacing them further apart will break the continuity required for an attractive planting.

Fill the tub with potting compost, remove the plants from their pots and plant them at the top of the tub. Firm the potting compost around the plants, taking care not to pack the compost any closer than 1–2 cm from the edge of the tub to allow room for expansion after watering. Water the tub thoroughly after planting and place the tub in direct sunlight, which the Osteospermum prefers.

Throughout the summer, water and feed the Osteospermum regularly to prevent the plants from drying out. You can also promote the development of new flower buds by deadheading.