Breeding Osteospermum (Spanish Marguerite)

The work of breeding Osteospermum is a painstaking process that begins with transferring pollen from one variety that functions as the male plant to the style of the variety that will function as the female plant. Each year, we perform a minimum of 300 cross-pollinations, resulting in the basis for the 4–6 varieties we will finally select as the most attractive, healthiest, most viable and flourishing plants to take to market.

After pollination, the female plants develop seeds, and we sow an average of 10,000 of these each year at SUNNY®. Just as people are all different, each of the plants that germinates is unique in its characteristics and properties. When the seedlings flower, we select the varieties that look the most promising. Next, we test the selected varieties in production, and only the most attractive and healthiest become production varieties.

Registering the plant breeder’s rights to Osteospermum (Spanish Marguerite)

We register all new varieties from SUNNY®. They are tested at an independent variety trial station in Europe, which verifies that the variety is stable in respect of its characteristics and clearly distinguishable from existing varieties. This testing is your guarantee of a healthy, unique variety worthy of its own variety denomination.

Only then are we ready to launch the new varieties.